Rule Makings

Rule makings, a cornerstone of administrative law, is probably one of the most predominant roles of the Federal Communications Commission, and it is rule makings that generate the ever changing laws of the telecommunications industry. However, the FCC cannot institute new rules and policies without first soliciting comments from the marketplace. A commenting party's participation in rule making proceedings can have an overwhelmingly persuasive effect on the final outcome, but perseverance supported by fact and law are pivotal to success. Schwaninger & Associates has extensive experience representing parties' interests with absolute diligence in rule making proceedings. It is our firm's role to be vigilant in tracking the Commission's rule makings, keep clients up to date on all matters that may effect their business interests and, when necessary, intensely represent those interests through the comment process. On several occasions, we have also placed before the FCC petitions for rule making, requesting that the FCC initiate rule making proceedings addressing certain matters that would better the industry as a whole.