Enforcement Matters

With the Enforcement Bureau now its own, distinct body within the FCC, it has become readily apparent that enforcement of the Commission's rules and regulations has become a priority. Although the Enforcement Bureau does not come calling unless there are violations of federal laws and policies, often these violations are unintentional and, indeed, unknown to licensees who find themselves within the cross hairs of the Bureau. Schwaninger & Associates has represented parties in many monetary forfeiture proceedings, wherein the Enforcement Bureau has invoked hefty fines for certain rule violations. In many cases, when facts and circumstances warrant, our firm has successfully caused the FCC to reduce or eliminate those fines imposed on an unsuspecting party. We have also represented companies that find themselves the victims of occasional license revocation proceedings and even disqualification proceedings by the Enforcement Bureau - actions which could result in the potential loss of a license or the outright disqualification from ever holding an FCC license again.