Our firm has extensive experience in obtaining all forms of FCC authority for operation of wireless communications facilities. From amateur radio to the sophisticated licensing which is required for fully integrated personal communications systems, we are skilled and prepared to provide licensees and applicants with quality representation. The task of filing new FCC applications, modifications and renewals may seem relatively simple and straightforward. However, when done improperly the results can have a detrimental impact on a business. Ineffective renewals can cause the cancellation of a license. Improper modifications can create operating discrepancies and, consequently, result in unwanted FCC audits and potential demands for monetary forfeitures. New applications can be rejected by frequency coordinators and the FCC, resulting in needless delays to one's implementation of service and problems and complaints from customers. Those who go it alone often find themselves frustrated with the licensing process, having made an investment, but gotten no closer to acquiring their desired licenses. Schwaninger & Associates can help if you have become mired in the confusion and inconvenience of wireless licensing procedures, or if you simply wish to avoid it.