Telecommunications Professionals

The tower and site industry can involve a complex maze of interdependent agreements, including deeds, leases, licenses, easements and business plans. Each of these must be accurately and inextricably linked to your overall business strategies and resources to ensure success and smooth operations. Schwaninger & Associate has the knowledge and the experience to see you through each phase of your tower investment, having effectively represented tower owners, developers and tenants for over twenty years. Located in Washington, DC, we are diligent in keeping abreast of all activities within the Federal Communications Commission and other federal agencies, that may affect the tower industry. But our ability to assist you, whether you operate an SMR, PCP, RCC or LMDS, goes far beyond the "Beltway." Our firm can help assure stability for your present business, while increasing your potential for future returns on new investments, assisting you in beginning, maintaining, and enhancing your business opportunities in the tower site industry.

Audits/Due Diligence

Too many telecommunications sites have never been audited for regulatory compliance, lease quality and enforceability, compliance with easement language, and other problems which can hide thousands of dollars in liability. The risks associated with these problems can affect the value of your site and whether the property can ever be sold, not to mention the potential fines for failure to comply with regulations. Schwaninger & Associates can perform an audit of your tower portfolio to decrease risk and increase the value of your assets, while providing you the business assurances that you require.


We know the buyers and consolidating entities throughout the industry. When you are ready to sell, we can promote and broker your towers to the entire marketplace, employing time tested techniques that will assure that the top names in the industry will know that your tower is on the market, getting you the most potential buyer traffic and improving your chances to reap top dollar for your asset.

Building Leases

Whether it's a master lease for an entire rooftop, or a single tenant lease, building leases require experience and care. Providing a balanced approach to the use of the building by the owner and her interior tenants, while not impeding the development of rooftop and interior space to accommodate telecommunications uses, is paramount in developing a workable agreement. Our many years of experience in finding that balance will help your company succeed in developing a professional relationship between building owner and telecommunications tenant.

Buy/Sell Agreements

Whether you are a buyer or a seller of tower properties, the devil is in the details when negotiating a good buy/sell agreement. Assuring that your interests are represented in the myriad of documents, warranties, deeds, and associated covenants is what we offer. Do not sell or buy a tower without professional help - the stakes are simply too high.


With every lease of land comes the need to provide easements for access, utilities or other uses. Or perhaps one of the local utility companies wants to obtain an easement to cross your land to serve others. Whatever the situation, we can assist in assuring that you either obtain or give an easement which serves your interests without saddling you with more liability than you bargained for.

Ground Leases

Issues related to real property are always sensitive, requiring exacting language and attention to detail. Too many times the ground lease does not properly reflect the needs of the tenant or the landlord, and the way the parties intended to use the land. To make sure that your ground lease clearly and precisely reflects the nature of the use and equipment or tower, talk to one of our professionals about protecting your rights.

Regulatory Compliance

Operation of tower sites is subject to a plethora of regulations. Do you know if your company or tower is in compliance? Schwaninger & Associates can assist you in navigating and understanding the requirements created by OSHA, the FCC, the FAA, and the other numerous statutes which can have an impact on the way you do business, such as the National Environmental Protection Act. It all starts with knowledge and experience, and we can provide both.

Tenant Leases

The development of a strong tenant lease will assure you revenue for years to come, whereas a weak or vague tenant lease will put you at the mercy of the carrier tenant. Your lease should be designed to your unique needs and the property you are leasing. If you are still working off of everyone else's contracts, it's time for you to take control of your business by assuring that your tenant leases reflect the value of your property and the way you wish to manage your future. We have been writing tenant leases for over twenty five years, and our agreements are among the best in the business.


Your local real estate appraiser cannot tell you what your tower is worth. Tower valuation requires a specialized understanding of the business of space leasing and the fair market prices being paid. We can answer one of the most important questions: "what is it worth?" We have prepared valuations of hundreds of towers over the years, including valuations for litigation, purchase, sale, estate planning, business dissolutions, divorce, bank loans, and more. If you have to know what your asset is worth, contact us and we will provide a valuation that you can take to the bank.