Business Dissolution

Although dissolution symbolizes the end of a business entity of whatever form, the end of your business does not have to be needlessly stressful if your actions are done logically, legally and with an eye on trying to assure fairness among the owners. By planning dissolution carefully, owners can reduce rancor, stress, legal problems, and lingering liability. A poorly dissolved business can leave owners open to lawsuits that might not arise for a year after the business is gone. It makes sense for you to take the time to wrap things up correctly, neatly and legally. We suggest competent legal counsel to help you through these trying times. Schwaninger & Associates can help and we are particularly sensitive to the times when death is the cause of the end of a business. By combining our legal and business experience and knowledge of estate law, we can guide the estate and the business down parallel tracks to assure that a person's life work is a benefit to his or her heirs.