Telecommunications Professionals

Expert Testimony

expertThis complex area of business valuation and regulation requires an individual with experience in trial work as well as an in-depth understanding of the telecommunications industry. Robert Schwaninger, the principal of our firm, has appeared as an expert witness in various matters related to FCC regulation, tower sites and leasing, and the value of telecommunications assets. If you require assistance, either by an expert witness or co-counsel in a telecommunications-related matter, he can help.

Robert Schwaninger has the ability to take complex issues related to law and regulation and make them understandable to a judge or jury with little or no background in telecommunications.  Having been admitted as an expert in spectrum valuation by a federal court, Mr. Schwaninger is able to provide expert testimony that is grounded in the value of an intangible asset that may be the most valuable element in litigation.

He has also been qualified as an expert in contract formation and interpretation related to tower leasing.  Issues can arise between landlords and tenants that wind up before the courts.  Then is the time when an expert witness can make the difference by clearly explaining the norms and the interpretation of contract language employed in the telecommunications field.

So, if you find yourself embroiled in litigation or if you are contemplating bringing suit, Mr. Schwaninger can assist you in resolving your matter in a way that will not keep you tied up in controversy forever.